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Marching Band

Horn Section

The Torrance High School Marching Band and Colorguard is a rewarding, competitive, and expressive sport which unites fitness, art, dance, and music. Requiring no prior experience, students are given the opportunity to perform and portray a new field show every year during the fall season. Students compete against other marching bands in and out of state throughout the fall season and earn recognition and leadership positions through dedication within the program. With a welcoming, family-like environment and world class staff, the band and colorguard program is excellent for shaping motivated, talented, and hard-working individuals at Torrance High School. 

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Jazz Band

The Jazz program at Torrance High gives the opportunity to build great musicianship and skill on your instrument of choice. Learn about the origins and the importance of Jazz in the modern day world, as well as how to play iconic tunes to impress your friends and family. Solo to catchy music and stand in the spotlight so that everyone can experience your talent! Every year the Jazz Band performs countless times for the school and even goes on a three day trip to play at Cuesta College to compete against other high schools. Come make music and memories in the Torrance High School Jazz Band!

Jazz Musician

Symphonic Winds/Chamber Ensemble

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Flute Player in Orchestra

Symphonic Winds is a traditional "concert band" group that performs a wide variety of music. We perform throughout the winter-spring season at concerts and festivals, including an annual trip to Knotts Berry Farm. More advanced students can audition for Chamber Ensemble, which is a smaller version of Symphonic Winds that plays more difficult music. Chamber Ensemble performs at several events including Java Drama and Night of the Arts.

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In the fall, Drumline is part of the marching band. For the rest of the year, there is indoor Drumline. Indoor Drumline is an all-percussion, competitive ensemble that is active in the winter season. During this season, marching, choreography and music are combined to create an original show that is performed in front of a panel of judges. Similar to marching band, you are physically and mentally active while participating in this performing art. While creating strong bonds with your peers, you get to work with our great staff who has extensive experience in this activity.

Marching drummer
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Colorguard is a vital, visual part of the marching band, which includes the use of equipment (flags, sabres, rifles) and dance. Colorguard also has its own competitive team in the winter-spring season. Colorguard does not require any experience and will allow you to have fun while constantly being challenged to learn new things. Like the band as a whole, the colorguard is like a family for all our members.  We help and lead each other to perform with joy and passion at the highest possible level.

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